As Chevrolet dealers, we recognize that different car buyers are at different stages in their lives. For some situations, pre-owned is the best, or only, option. However, for many of our customers out there, buying a new car is a totally tangible goal. Here are some perks of buying new.

  1. It’s only yours. Do you love that new car smell? Maybe you also appreciate knowing that your car has never been in an accident, been stolen, or experienced some other catastrophe. Buying new ensures it’s only been driven by you (aside from test drives), and you get to be the one to break it in. 
  2. Low mileage. Pre-owned cars can be a great deal, but have often experienced a great deal too. Buying new means there are very few miles, on your vehicle, so it will likely be a long time before you have to make a major or costly repair. Once a car hits 100,000 miles, those become much more frequent. 
  3. Make back on investment. When it comes time to try something else, buying makes sure you can get money back. You can trade or sell your car outright, giving you funds to put toward your next model – unlike leasing. 
  4. No rules. Also unlike leasing, when you buy new, the car is yours to put as many miles as you like, modify it however you want, and not worry about those fine print rules. 
  5. New features. Finally, if you want only the tech and safety advancements, you’ve gotta get a new car. 

We love having a wide selection of new Chevy models to give you many options to choose from. Come see us in Glenview when you’re ready to make the move to a new car.