As we transition out of daylight savings time this weekend, we’ve got thoughts of spring on our minds. And what better way to welcome in the warmer weather we so desperately need than to get our vehicles all cleaned up and cared for? Jennings Chevrolet is here to help you give your vehicle a little extra love this month – starting with some spring cleaning.

When you think of routine car care and maintenance, you probably skip right to the major under-the-hood stuff like oil changes. However, cleaning your car inside and out can also go a long way toward maintaining its value and keeping it in good working order as well.

Start by vacuuming the floors and cleaning off those all season floor mats, and then start cleaning off the windows for better visibility. Then you can get the exterior cleaned at a carwash, preferably one that offers “undercarriage” washing so that any salt, dirt, or cinders trapped under your car from the winter are taken care of and don’t cause any rust or body-related issues down the line.

Our Chevy dealership service center can help with oil changes, tire rotations, and any other routine services you need, plus those parts replacements or minor repairs you’ve been procrastinating on. If your car was particularly victimized by pothole season, you might also consider getting an alignment check to make sure everything is on track.

Residents of the Chicago-Glenview area can search online for a “Chevy dealership near me,” and they’ll find us. We look forward to working with you so that you can enjoy all of your spring travels in a safe and clean Chevrolet vehicle. Come see us today!