As your “Chevy dealer near me” in the Glenview, IL area, we feel it’s important to share tips and information about car ownership and how to stay safe during everyday driving. Road hazards aren’t limited to the obvious construction zones and icy winter weather; there are many obstacles and everyday hazards that we, as drivers, need to be aware of.

Congestion: If you’re a city driver, you may be used to crowded areas. However, you can never be too careful in congested areas or those with heavy foot traffic where you’re likely to encounter pedestrians and cyclists. 

Construction: While it’s very important to watch out for construction workers and go the speed limit in order to keep them safe, it’s also smart to be cautious in construction zones that aren’t actively being worked on. Cones, changes in pavement, holes, and other obstacles can be treacherous, especially in the dark.

Debris: You never know when you’re going to encounter something that has fallen into the road. You can avoid most debris and bad potholes by simply keeping your eyes on the road and following the speed limit. 

Rain: All it takes is a few inches of water on the road to hydroplane. Reduce your speed and keep well-functioning windshield wipers to prepare for rainy driving. 

In-vehicle distractions: Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you can take calls or write texts without physically holding your phone. Similarly, one should never operate a vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or when overtired.  

If you and your vehicle fall victim to a road hazard, don’t fret: our Chevy dealership service center is here to assist you with everything you need.