When you see the new design for the 2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray, you’re going to be speechless. Only a single part has been carried over from the last generation, and the newest iteration of this model can hit up to 194 miles per hour on the track. You can pre-order this upcoming vehicle or come by our Chevy dealership today to learn more.

Among our Chevy models, the Chevy Corvette is a long-time favorite for drivers looking to add some thrill to their weekend driving and everyday commutes. If you’re looking to treat yourself, we couldn’t recommend any other model more. The iconic Chevy Corvette makes a powerful statement, yet it really stands out in terms of engine and interior comfort.


The 2020 version’s door handles and hatch and hood releases have been hidden for a perfectly sleek appearance and improved aerodynamics. It includes an all-new LT2 V8 engine, which is visible through a rear hatch window. Can you say futuristic? Another fantastic upgrade is the available Engine Appearance Package that adds carbon-fiber components with LED lights to show off that special powertrain. 


Another huge perk is this upcoming model’s price point. It will start at $59,995, unheard of in performance cars. “Most people thought when we moved the Corvette to mid-engine it would no longer be attainable, but we knew we couldn’t mess with a winning formula and the 2020 Stingray proves it,” said Brian Sweeney, Chevrolet U.S. vice president.

There will be three trim options, and this special sports vehicle will go into production at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant later this year. If you’d like to pre-order the 2020 Chevy Corvette, don’t hesitate to call or come by our Chevy dealership near Chicago.