2017 Chevy Bolt

Taking a Trip in a Self-Driving Chevy Bolt

Everyone here at Jennings Chevrolet is always excited to see new Chevy vehicles arrive on our lot. We know that Chevrolet isn’t just developing cars that deliver safety and reliable performance. Its engineers are also working on ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. That’s why it’s no surprise to see that an autonomous version of the Chevy Bolt, one of the newest and most innovative Chevy cars, is already on the road and gathering valuable data.

We’ve mentioned the self-driving version of the Chevy Bolt before. It has already been put through its paces at two of General Motors’ Michigan facilities, but now the self-driving Chevy Bolt has arrived in San Francisco. This is the perfect way to learn how to develop better technology that can help these vehicles more effectively deal with the challenges found on every road.

One of the San Francisco prototypes recently showed off a wide range of talents. Self-driving cars will never take off unless they can handle every task that human drivers can, and it looks like this Chevy Bolt is well on its way. This car is able to figure out traffic signals and handle merging. It can spot crossing pedestrians and give them right of way. It can even take on stop-and-go traffic conditions without human input or pick up a passenger. That’s pretty impressive for technology that’s so early in its development!

We can’t wait to see how the autonomous Chevy Bolt evolves. If you’re looking for a great, technologically-advanced car right now, you should visit our Chevy dealership near Chicago. Talk to one of our local Chevy dealers, who make it easy to find the perfect new or pre-owned Chevy car. We can’t wait to meet you!