Here at Jennings Chevrolet, we know that many drivers are getting ready to take a vacation or road trip this summer. Before you do that though, you should visit our service center to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape. The hot summer months can pose some unique challenges for your car, but we’re ready to help you with any of your maintenance needs.

One thing that the trained mechanics at our Chevy service center can take a look at is the fluid levels in your car. The start of a new season is the perfect time to check if your power steering fluid, transmission fluid, or windshield wiper fluid have dropped to low levels. Our technicians can help you out with that. We can also assist you if you need an oil change and a new oil filter. Changing your oil when needed is a great way to ensure that your engine, and your vehicle, stay healthy.

It’s also a good idea to have one of our mechanics check out your air conditioning system. That’s one part of your car that you don’t want to fail during a lengthy summer road trip. It’s also smart to check your tire pressure before any long drive. Your tires may have been through the ringer thanks to changing temperatures. You want to make sure that your tires are properly inflated so that they last a longer amount of time. We can help you with an alignment too. This is another great way to ensure that your tires live a long and healthy life.

So before you hit the road, bring your Chevy SUV to our dealership and service center near Skokie, IL. We can’t wait to help you with all of your maintenance needs. We hope to see you soon!