Getting a flat tire is such a bummer! However, if you’re prepared to change it on your own, then you can be back on the road in no time. Follow these instructions for a quick and safe tire change. The Jennings Chevrolet team and our Chevy service center professionals are here to walk you through it so you can get on with your day.

An important first step in changing a flat tire is choosing the right location. Pull off the road completely in a safe area and get as far away from passing traffic as possible. Next, after evaluating the situation and determining a spare is definitely needed, locate it! It is likely in your trunk in a compartment, but can sometimes be under the vehicle, depending on the model.

Next, take your jack and tire iron out and have them ready. You’ll want to loosen the wheel lugs before you jack up the car. Once your vehicle is securely lifted, you can remove the flat tire and install the spare in its place, tightening the wheel lugs most of the way. You can then lower the car and tighten the lugs all the way.

It’s important to know that a spare tire is just a temporary situation to get you off the side of the road. You should make your way to our service center ASAP to either have your tire repaired or replaced. Spare tires are only meant for short term use at low speeds, and they are not safe to drive on long term.

When you need to buy new tires for your vehicle, you can simply search “Chevy dealer tires” and you can learn more about our selection at Jennings Chevrolet. We are happy to help with all of your automotive service needs.