As Chevrolet dealers, we love seeing our cars – and the automotive industry in general – evolve. 2019 has been a wild ride, but one thing we never thought we’d be saying is that you can now use your car to order pizza! It’s true! Domino’s and Chevy have worked together to create something truly special for your late night snack craving.

How do you like your pizza? Extra pepperoni? Light on the sauce? Veggies? However you want it, with select Chevy vehicles, you can get your pie with just a few taps on your in-vehicle touchscreen. Our vehicles can now help us manage our everyday lives almost as much as our cellphones do. 

As part of the Chevrolet Marketplace, Domino’s ordering can be done with just a few taps or clicks thanks to Domino’s Pizza Profile, which saves your preferred delivery address, payment method, and some of your favorite specialty orders to your vehicle.

It’s so much more convenient than placing a call or driving to a location with wifi and a computer because the Chevrolet Marketplace operates independently of your phone or any other tech. The Chevrolet Marketplace, available on select Chevy models, can be used for a variety of other online services as well. Domino’s is just one of many. 

“Domino’s has offered pizza lovers innovative ordering and delivery options for years. At the same time, Chevrolet has put technologies in place that allows us to add capabilities to vehicles already on the road, like the ability for our drivers to order pizza through the touchscreen,” said Scott Goddard, Marketplace line of business leader for Chevrolet. 

“This new in-vehicle solution is a natural collaboration that both Chevy drivers and pizza connoisseurs can enjoy.” Stop by Jennings Chevrolet in Glenview, IL to find out more!