As all great things come to an end, so do car leases. If you’re coming up on the end of your Chevrolet vehicle lease, not to worry, we are here today to lay out all of the options for you — whether you love your current car and want to keep it…or not.

Keeping your car

If you’re a creature of habit and want to keep your current model, we’ll gladly sell it to you. Depending on the current value of your car, it may be the best deal for you to pay it off in cash and keep it. However, financing is an option as well.

Leasing another Chevy model

We have plenty of Chevy lease specials year round, but you’ll get in even better deal upon returning your current leased vehicle and switching it out for something else. You can upgrade to a different model year or type of Chevy car and get the latest vehicle tech.

Walking away

While this is our least-favorite scenario, it’s totally within your rights to return the vehicle and walk away without a new Chevy car. However, keep in mind there will likely be mileage, wear and tear, and other fees that will not be waived for you like they would if you were to lease from us again or buy.

About 90 days out, you should be thinking about and planning for what happens next. We will gladly talk you through any other questions you have. We may even be able to extend your current lease if need be so you have more time to make a decision. To find us, residents of Glenview can search online for a “Chevy dealership near me.”