When you purchase a Chevy vehicle with us in Glenview, we are happy to assist you with customization options. Whether you’re looking for added tech features, cleaning supplies, or the means to transport your sports equipment, we can order exactly what you need. 

All of our Chevy cars are customizable within reason, but the Chevy Blazer is a particularly good example since so many families select it for its versatility as an SUV. Even if you opt for the base model, you can still get a bunch of features that add a little more comfort and unique style to your Chevy Blazer. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites that you should check out!


Drivers with children would likely appreciate the seat covers, keyless entry, running boards, tablet holder, rear seat entertainment system, and headphones. We also offer various polishes, rags, and other cleaners to keep your car looking brand new despite the frequent spills that come with kids. 


Our Sportz Cove system is perfect for tailgating or attending your child’s soccer game in less than desirable weather. The trailer hitch, winter sports carrier, roof mounted cargo basket and various other exterior storage systems appeal to a variety of drivers with recreational hobbies. 


Similarly, many of our drivers can make use of our cargo cover and organizer systems for groceries and other routine cargo. You can even upgrade some of the exterior components like by adding a chrome grille or fancier wheel designs. And it’s always a smart idea to have a first aid kit and highway safety kit in any vehicle that you drive. 


If you’re interested in test driving a Chevy Blazer or any of our other Chevy models, come see us in Glenview today.