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Word on the street is that a third-generation Chevy Camaro was spotted at a GM testing facility in Michigan. Some of our automotive experts have hypothesized about what it may be doing there, and we have to say, we’re thrilled with all of the theories we’ve heard. Whether it’s a new engine or a throwback model on the way, we’re sure Chevy enthusiasts will love it. 

The 1980s version of the Chevy Camaro was deeply beloved – even seeing a photo of an 80’s Camaro fills most Chevy dealers with nostalgia. The model in question had GM Performance Parts badging, which would support the idea that maybe this car is being used to test a part or engine to be used in another new model. Using the older Chevy Camaro to do so is might be the brand’s way of keeping things under wraps from pesky reporters (or dealership bloggers).

It’s also possible they’re working on something entirely different – as noted in the dual rear exhausts, roll cage, and bulging hood that weren’t normally present in this model. It could also be a way to test aftermarket products, a new crate engine, or a variation on an existing motor. 

At the end of the day, only time will tell what those crafty Chevy engineers have up their sleeves. If you’d like to chat more about all-things-Chevy or take a look at our current version of the Chevy Camaro, come see us in Illinois.