As Chevrolet dealers, it’s our job to keep our customers up to date on all of the exciting tools, resources, and new car features our brand has to offer. Speaking of those, have you downloaded the myChevrolet app yet? If you haven’t, you’ll see that it’s certainly worth your time to check it out!

According to a recent media release, the myChevrolet app has a new feature that will help ease worries and expedite the check in process, it’s called Vehicle Locate. The feature allows Chevy owners to send automated text alerts to friends and family when their connected vehicle enters or leaves a designated boundary area, or arrives at or departs from an address. Owners can also use the feature to pinpoint the location of their connected vehicle at any given time.

There are simply so many situations where this feature would come in handy. You’ll never stay up late, waiting for your teen driver to confirm they made it to their destination. You won’t have to send that “on my way” text or notify friends that you are currently driving. If there was ever an emergency situation where your loved ones needed your location ASAP, all it takes is a few clicks on the app.

This feature is available for owners of eligible 2012 model year or newer cars as part of the Remote Access Plan, which includes other helpful app features like remote start, stop, lock and unlock.

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