Your entire car rests on your tires…literally. Tires are the one thing standing between you and the dangers of the road. For the best driving safety, we want to help keep your tires in top shape, even if that means replacing them from time to time with a whole new set. Come down to Jennings Chevrolet for all of your Chevy service needs. 

When tires have seen too many treacherous Chicago winters and so many miles that they’ve lost their tread, it’s time to replace them. We have some that are best for certain seasons or activities (like off-roading), some that are more geared toward performance or efficiency, and plenty of other options. We’d be happy to cater your tire shopping experience to your exact driving needs.

That being said, there are also several routine services you can have done to make the most of your current set of tires. If you get them rotated multiple times a year and get alignment adjustments when needed, they’re more likely to wear evenly and last longer. We can also check your brakes and make sure your tires are properly inflated for optimal efficiency and wear. 

And if you get a flat tire on the road, we’d be more than happy to take a look. Pop on that spare and bring the damaged tire straight to us. We can hopefully repair that damaged tire, but if not, we can certainly recommend some comparable replacements. 

At Jennings Chevrolet, we have OEM Chevy car parts and the experience with Chevy vehicles to assist with all of your service and repair needs. View our website to learn more about our current offerings and schedule that appointment soon so that we can get ahead of those necessary tire services.